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Atlantic Studios of Dance Education Classes
(Please contact the studio for Class Schedules and Rates)
(ages 3 & 4)
Coordination, self-discipline, strength, and music appreciation are taught through exercise, creative movement, and simple dance-oriented moves. In addition, children learn listening and social skills as well as an understanding of working with others while having fun!
(ages 5 & 6)
This program introduces proper technique through creative and formal curriculum. Students begin to learn correct French terminology, some positions of the feet, and simple steps. There is plenty of enjoyment through interesting, tasteful "song and dance" pieces, and the use of simple stage props.
Classical Ballet:
(ages 7 & up)
Students are taught traditional French, Russian and Italian methods of this most important and and valuable dance form. More sophisticated music and ballet steps are presented along with classical technique, terminology, history of the art, and body alignment. More advanced students are invited to study "en pointe" when ready.
(ages 4 & 5)
This introduction to tap dance emphasizes control and clarity of sounds, and teaches very easy dance steps. Uncomplicated music with easy rhythms accompanies the dancers.
Broadway Tap:
(ages 6 & up)
The many facets of tap dance are presented with essential footwork for clarity of sounds along with varied rhythms, time signatures and proper terminology. As students progress, the different styles and history of tap are introduced. This important art of dance aids in the development of strong coordination and quick-thinking skills.
(ages 8 & up)
This purely American form draws from many cultures and other types of dance. Beginners are taught basic steps, coordination exercises and proper stretch technique. Conservative styles and Broadway Theatre are staples of our approach to the teaching of jazz dance. Age-appropriate costuming, movement and music is always presented. Students get a great workout while learning to appreciate this ever-changing art.
The first week in August welcomes our "Summerdance" program. From 10:00am to noon, Monday through Thursday, students will experience the many facets of dance. Creative movement, nutrition, costuming, stage make-up, nature and dance, yoga and stretch are all a part of the curriculum. Contact the studio for more details!
For Adults:

A-STEP® (Adult Stretch Toning Exercise Program) involves combinations of simple ballet warm-up and adagio exercises, Pilates-oriented stretch, Yoga styled flow, and the use of light free-weights. This fun, easy, and energetic program, is geared to adults of all ages. Students provide their own yoga mats and free weights. Wear comfortable clothes, and get ready to feel restored! Seniors are very much welcome! Classes are ongoing throughout the entire year.

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